Sanjay Singh's big claim regarding the seats!!!

Sanjay Singh's big claim regarding the seats!!!

Amidst the lok sabha elections, aam aadmi party leader and rajya sabha mp sanjay singh has made a big claim about the india alliance. While making his assessment, he said that india Bloc is going to form the government with more than 300 seats. During this time, he once again raised the issue of electoral bonds and attacked bjp fiercely.

On PM Modi's speech in delhi rally, mp sanjay singh said, "All the corrupt have joined BJP." If anyone has tried to stop the development work in delhi, it is prime minister Narendra Modi. When these people talk about corruption, it seems as if dacoit gabbar singh is preaching.

What did sanjay singh say about the seats of india Alliance?

Aam Aadmi party leader and mp sanjay singh said, "India Bloc is going to form the government with more than 300 seats." bjp is the most corrupt party in the country, and they came up with the biggest corruption scheme which was electoral bonds. He had talked about bringing black money. 15 lakh crore rupees were forgiven to the capitalists. Empty the banks. Looted the entire wealth for his friends and especially tried to destroy Delhi.

Sanjay Singh's attack on the center

The rajya sabha mp further said, "I just want to tell PM Modi that you have made every effort to ruin delhi but cm arvind kejriwal has worked to make delhi shine." cm arvind kejriwal worked to provide the world's best education and health facilities in Delhi. You caught him and put him in jail, you caught manish Sisodia and put him in jail. Put me in jail. Tried to ruin the entire party. delhi will move forward under the leadership of Kejriwal.

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