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India's 13th Vice President and former mla venkaiah naidu, impresses by giving excellent speeches during elections. He recently stepped down from the post of Vice President. That is the reason why he is not giving any entertaining lectures this time. In the past, people used to queue up at his meetings and venues to listen to his lectures. 

Many people are disappointed that venkaiah naidu, who used to give such best speeches, has stopped that work now. However, in this context, he attended a different meeting and made interesting comments about the elections and that attracted everyone's attention. He said that leaders switching parties is a disturbing and serious trend. venkaiah naidu opined that generally it is acceptable to resign from one party and join another party, but criticizing one's own party leaders without leaving the parties is a shameful thing.
He also said, "Only those promises that are plausible should be included in the election manifesto. I am completely against freebies and welfare schemes for the people. It is good to provide services like education and medicine for free. But people should question other freebies. people should also reject those who do wrong and question them."
Venkaiah Naidu has made it clear that he is staying away from politics as it is not good to enter politics after stepping down from the position of Vice President. He revealed that he will be active in public life away from politics and will teach people about the good and bad. He said that he had discussed with prime minister Narendra Modi to save democracy. venkaiah naidu is a good friend of chandrababu naidu and he recently advised him to campaign on the development and not freebies. chandrababu naidu is currently campaigning that he will give more freebies than Jagan.

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