What has been the history of Iran-Israel relations

What has been the history of Iran-Israel relations?

The two countries of the Middle east are often called each other's staunch enemies. The issue of palestine has been at the center of this hostility for decades. However, very few people know that iran was among the few countries in the world that first recognized Israel. However, the situation changed with time, and iran and israel, which were once friends later became each other's 'bloodthirsty'. The situation has become such that now both are standing on the brink of war. Relations between the two countries remained very cordial under the Pahlavi dynasty, which ruled iran from 1925 to 1979. iran was the second Muslim-majority country to recognize israel after its establishment in 1948. However, relations began to deteriorate in 1951 under the government of Iranian prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, but a coup in 1953 showed them the way out. In his place, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, a supporter of Western countries, was put on the chair of the country.

Relations between the two countries were so cordial that israel even opened an embassy in Tehran. In the 1970s, both countries also had ambassadors to each other. Trade relations were also increasing and iran was also exporting oil to Israel. iran had also established a pipeline to transport oil to israel and then to Europe. Defense and security cooperation was also taking place between the two countries. However, then the situation started changing and conflict started between the two.

Islamic revolution changed the relationship

In fact, after the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Shah Pahlavi was ousted from power and the Islamic Republic of iran was born. The leader of the revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khamenei, came up with an idea in which the Islamic viewpoint was promoted in the country. Relations with Western countries were severed and a call was made to stand up for the Palestinians. By then the world also knew about the action being taken against Palestinians through Israel. iran broke all relations with israel citing atrocities against Palestinians. Citizens of both countries could no longer travel to each other's countries. The Israeli embassy in Tehran was converted into a Palestinian embassy. iran started showing itself standing with the Palestinians, due to which enmity with israel increased. He also started attacking israel through countries like lebanon and Syria. It was from here that the relationship started deteriorating.

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