KTR sensational comments on Kadiam Srihari

Telangana politics has once again heated up as the schedule of parliament elections was released before the heat of the assembly elections subsided. In this order, unexpected developments are taking place in the politics of the state in the background of the parliamentary elections. At the same time, revanth is moving forward with the aim of taking revenge on KCR. The key leaders of the BRS party are also joining hands. Such party defections are common in politics.

  We always see leaders from one party moving to another party. But the leaders who are loyal to the party chief are now getting down from the car and reaching the congress house. It became a sensation. Kadiam Srihari, who was close to kcr and a trusted pawn, continued in many key positions while in BRS. Such a leader along with his daughter Kadyam Kavya covered the scarf of Congress. This is a huge setback for KCR. All the pink party leaders are criticizing Kadiam Srihari, who left the Karu party and joined the congress party.

  However, BRS working president ktr, who recently participated in the activists' meeting, spoke on the same issue. ktr said that no one has cheated kcr as much as Kadiam srihari did. Many people have cheated kcr over the years. But what Kadiam srihari did was deception. He bought a warangal ticket for his daughter and had lunch with kcr in the afternoon and took his blessings. But that evening he joined the congress party. ktr criticized that this is really a cut throat.

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