Star heroine who wants to compete with Vijay..!

Even in the industry, actors want to get married and settle down after gaining huge popularity, but some heroines are still unmarried even at the age bar. But even if there is no marriage, some affairs are going viral with rumours. However, the heroine who is going to talk about it has also had an affair with 11 celebrities at the same time. She became a mother without marriage. Even though she is 48 years old, she is still acting in many movies.

So far that heroine is not someone but heroine Susmithasen.. She won the Vemina Miss india 1994 competition and also received the title of Miss university in the same year. sushmita sen gained her popularity as the first indian lady to receive such a title. Soon after that, she started her career as a model and also entered as a heroine. She made her debut with the film Dastak in 1996. The second film remained a disaster starring tollywood hero nagarjuna in Rakshaskudu.

After that Susmithasen also acted in special songs in many movies. Everyone should be surprised to see such a list of Susmithasen's affairs. There are still rumors that many of them had affairs with celebrities from various fields. She dated former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram for a few years. After that Randeep Hooda, Imtiaz Katri,.. Apart from them, Ime also had an affair with many celebrities. Recently Susmithasen officially revealed his relationship with Lalit Modi and they broke up again for a few days.

In the past, the model Rohmal had an affair with Shall, and there were also reports that she would marry him. But due to some reasons, the relationship did not continue for a long time due to conflicts between the two. The fact that Susmithasen became a mother out of wedlock is surprising to everyone. In fact, it seems that in the year 2000, she adopted a six-month-old baby and named her Renaissance. Susmithasen also adopted a baby named Alisha at the age of ten. But she, who is popular with affairs, has shown a good heart in adopting children. A few months ago, she informed Susmithasen that she had a heart attack. Recently, she has been busy acting in various web series.

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