Who is on Vaibhav Gehlot's seat? What did BSP leaders say?


Perhaps where bjp and congress are making their respective strategies for the lok sabha elections in Rajasthan. At the same time, former UP chief minister Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj party (BSP) is planning to shock both the parties. BSP has fielded candidates on five seats for the lok sabha elections. In these, BSP has completely focused on social engineering. Among the candidates fielded on five seats, two are strong data-faces of Congress. Keeping in mind the caste equation, BSP has tried to field a strong data-face on every seat.

Meanwhile rajasthan BSP in-charge and rajya sabha mp Ramji gautam said that like the assembly elections, a plan has been made to fight strongly on every lok sabha seat. Keeping this in view the incoming candidate will be selected. BSP has fielded Fazal Hussain from Alwar. Who was the state general secretary of congress before this. This is being considered a big blow for Congress. From Alwar, bjp has given ticket to Union minister Bhupendra Yadav while congress has fielded mla Lalit Yadav. In such a situation, BSP has taken a big gamble by giving ticket to a Muslim data-face. BSP has fielded Devkaran nayak from Ganganagar lok sabha seat. Since, this seat is reserved for SC. Both congress and bjp have not yet declared their data-face from here.

congress and bjp have fielded candidates from Jalore-Sirohi. Seeing this, BSP has gambled on the kshatriya data-face. Where Vaibhav Gehlot from congress and Lumbaram from bjp are in the fray. BSP has fielded Lal Singh Rathod. From Bharatpur reserved seat, bjp has given ticket to a former mp while congress has fielded an assembly candidate. BSP has given ticket to engineer Anjala. While congress has not yet declared its data-face in Kota, BSP has fielded Bhim Singh Kuntal. om birla is in the fray from BJP.

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