What did Sanjay Raut say about PM Modi?


Accordingly shiv sena (UBT) mp Sanjay Raut on wednesday compared prime minister Narendra Modi to Mughal emperor aurangzeb, to which the bharatiya janata party (BJP) reacted sharply and said that the people of the country will give a befitting reply to such attacks on the Prime Minister. At a rally in Buldhana in Vidarbha region of maharashtra, Raut said that Chhatrapati shivaji Maharaj, the founder of the maratha Empire, was born in maharashtra while aurangzeb was born in present-day Gujarat.

Meanwhile Raut said, “There is a place called Dahod (in Gujarat) where Modi was born. aurangzeb was also born there. That's why this aurangzeb trend is moving from gujarat and delhi towards maharashtra and against shiv sena and our self-respect. Don't say that Modi has come, say that aurangzeb has come. We will bury him." Hitting back at Raut, bjp spokesperson and rajya sabha member Sudhanshu Trivedi said in New delhi that shiv sena stood with those who glorified Aurangzeb. He said, “The people of the country will respond effectively to all such attacks.”

Furthermore Raut said, 'In yesterday's meeting, we had a meeting where Chhatrapati shivaji Maharaj's mother Rajmata Jijau was born, where we said that some people want to attack maharashtra from Delhi. wanted to attack from gujarat but the way maharashtra ended Aurangzeb's attack, Aurangzeb's tomb was again made in Maharashtra. This way we will end the attack. If Aurangzeb's attitude will not work here, then where did Modi ji come from here?

Raut further said, 'No one is abusing Modi ji, it is Modi ji's old business. Abuse your opponents and defame them. The prime minister is our respected member of the country. We don't have ED and cbi to behead. You have two weapons. You have two swords. You can blow anyone's head off whenever you want. If our government comes, we will not do this type of vendetta politics.

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