This is not a regular election a democratic crusade" says CM Stalin

Tamil Nadu chief minister Stalin has written a pamphlet at a time when the lok sabha elections are approaching. He started the page by saying, "One of you is writing to the siblings of our living leader artist."

I stand with you on the battlefield to save India. We are facing the democratic field of parliamentary election to recover the lost rights of Tamilnadu, to get prosperity of all the states in india, to protect the federalism emphadata-sized by the Constitution of india and to defeat the fascist forces.

The political alliance led by the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam is all set to contest the 40 constituencies in tamil Nadu and puducherry in harmony with allied parties. In the event held yesterday at Anna Institute, I, as the leader of the association, published the manifesto of the DMK for the 2024 parliamentary election field and announced the 21 successful candidates who will field on behalf of the association.

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The DM Kazhagam's election procedure since the time of Perarinar Anna is to meet the people by clearly stating through the election manifesto that we see the field as the basic objective of any election field. The 64-page election manifesto published on behalf of the association is its manifestation.

Promises have been made on behalf of the association not only for the restoration of tamil Nadu with rights, but also for the establishment of true democracy and federalism in India. We have made public welfare promises like curbing the increase in cooking gas cylinder price which afflicts the poor and middle class daily to Rs 500, reduction in petrol and diesel prices and complete removal of toll booths on national highways.

Appropriate amendments to the Constitution so that the states get more powers, curbing the powers of the governor, C.A.A. Repeal of the Act, Exemption of tamil Nadu from NEET, No General Civil Code, Nationwide school Breakfast Scheme, Minimum Support Price for Farmers' Produce, Rs 10 Lakh Interest Free Loan to women Self Help Groups, Laws to Protect the Welfare of tamil Nadu Fishermen, Schemes for Industrial Development in Districts with many more promises. The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam has released an election manifesto for all walks of life. With the noble ideal of building a true new india, DMK along with allied parties. The field sees

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