Suresh Chandrasekhar released another explosive letter welcoming K Kavitha to ‘Tihar Club’

Reportedly conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who is lodged in Delhi’s Mandoli prison, released another explosive letter welcoming ‘Akkaiah’ K kavitha to the ‘Tihar Club’ and suggested that he has more information to reveal about delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. In his letter addressed to Kavitha, Sukesh, who is currently in jail in a Rs 200-crore money laundering case, said that those denying their wrongdoings by calling the allegation fake and political with hunt are getting back their karma. He said he would soon expose kejriwal as well.

“The truth has prevailed, the dramas of saying fake cases, fake allegations, the political witch hunt have fallen flat, all your karmas are coming back to you,” the letter stated. Addressing Kavitha, Sukesh further wrote, “You always thought you were untouchable. But you forget this is the new Bharat, the law is stronger than ever.” The jailed conman further claimed that two predictions made by him last year – one that the “BRS would be thrown out of power in Telangana” following the 2023 assembly elections and second that kavitha will be arrested and be a part of Tihar club, turned out to be true.

The letter comes after the ED arrested BRS leader and former telangana chief minister KCR’s daughter K kavitha after an hours-long raid at her premises in Hyderabad. She was later brought to delhi for questioning in a money laundering case linked to the now-scrapped delhi excise policy. In his latest letter, Sukesh further alleged that Kavitha’s arrest will open a “Pandora’s Box of corruption” and that his “dearest friend arvind kejriwal will be exposed to another level. “All your corrupt associates, including the king of corruption, my dearest arvind kejriwal, are going to be exposed to another level. Thousands of crores that you and your party have looted and stacked in Singapore, hong kong and germany will all be out in the open,” the letter read. The conman concluded his letter with a request to kavitha urging her to stop hiding evidence. “There is enough evidence to prove all your corruption… Will see you soon, akkaiah, data-face-to-data-face. I welcome you to the greatest Tihar club,” he wrote.

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