“My family and I renounce all relationship with Babun” West Bengal CM

Reportedly West bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on wednesday has ended her ties with her brother, Babun Banerjee, following his discontent over the Trinamool Congress’s decision to re-nominate Prasun Banerjee for the Howrah lok sabha seat in the upcoming general election. “My family and I renounce all relationship with Babun…” West bengal cm told news agency.

“Before every election, he creates a problem. I don’t like greedy people and don’t believe in dynasty politics, so that I will give him a ticket in elections. I have decided to disown him and cut off all relationship with him,” she stated. Prasun Banerjee, who is not related to Mamata, has won the Howrah seat three times. The Trinamool has held this seat since 2009 when Ambica Banerjee won it from the Communist Party. On wednesday, Babun, currently in New Delhi, voiced his discontent over the party’s choice to re-nominate Prasun Banerjee for the Howrah lok sabha seat.

Mamata’s decision also comes amid speculation that her brother could defect to rival BJP, which would be a significant advantage for the opposition. However, dismissing the rumors, Babun expressed his intention to run as an independent candidate in the lok sabha polls for the Howrah seat. The Trinamool Congress, a member of the Congress-led india bloc, has recently unveiled its candidates for all 42 lok sabha seats in the state. Mahua Moitra, who was controversially suspended from Parliament, has been re-nominated from Krishnanagar, while Mamata’s nephew, abhishek Banerjee, will contest to retain his Diamond Harbour seat.

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