Ashwini Choubey cornered Mamata on protest against CAA


As soon as the caa notification was issued, statements from the ruling party and opposition leaders started across the country. Union minister ashwini Kumar Choubey targeted the protest by bengal Chief minister mamata banerjee regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act. ashwini Chaubey reached Buxar late on monday (11 March).

ashwini Choubey said, "Who is Didi to stop the implementation of the law? Didi's bullying will not work. This one law of the country will be implemented in the whole of india and 140 crore people of the country will implement it. Didi who is doing anti-Hindu work. They are saying that their Hitlerism will not last. They will get the answer for the anti-Hindu work they are doing. All the Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in the country were living the life of refugees. They will now get indian citizenship."

'Mamata Banerjee is torturing women'

Along with ashwini Choubey, bihar government minister Dr. prem Kumar and bjp quota MLC jeevan Kumar also fiercely attacked mamata Banerjee. jeevan Kumar said that the implementation of caa will benefit all those Hindus of india who were living as refugees in India. They will now get indian citizenship. Those who came from other countries and lived in their own country will now get rights. mamta Banerjee is already doing anti-national work. Being a woman, she is torturing women. All the refugee people in this lok sabha election will get indian citizenship. They will all vote against him.

bihar government minister Dr. prem Kumar said, "Just as there used to be jungle raj in bihar during Lalu's rule, similarly the situation is the same in Bengal. After the lok sabha elections, the bengal government will fall and bjp will implement caa there. "

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