Crowd gathered in Sehore for the story of Pandit Pradeep Mishra


The Mahakumbh of faith is starting from thursday (February 7) at Kubereshwar Dham located at Sehore district headquarters, near Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Storyteller Pandit pradeep Mishra will narrate Shiv Mahapuran from 7th to 13th March. Devotees gathered in large numbers from across the country to participate in the event. For the event, five domes have been built in four lakh square feet, which were full on wednesday night itself.

It is being told that two to three lakh devotees are expected to come here every day during the seven-day event. Learning from the previous story, this time the administration is very alert. In view of the huge crowd and security, traffic has been diverted around the story site on Indore-Bhopal highway. This time, the district administration, Vithlesh Seva Samiti, social workers and residents of rural and urban areas are working together to make the program successful.

Deploying more than 12 hundred soldiers

Parking arrangements and routes have been diverted by the traffic police for the Shivmahapuran ceremony. More than 12 hundred police personnel are serving day and night. Apart from this, the district administration has also assigned responsibilities to top officials of more than a dozen departments. A day before the story, a press conference was organized by Vithlesh Seva Samiti. While discussing with the journalists on this occasion, Bhagwat bhushan Pandit pradeep Mishra said that our area is developing rapidly, we have become famous in the world due to the devotees coming from all over the country.

Pandit pradeep Mishra said that lakhs of devotees visit Kubereshwardham every year, due to which many employment opportunities have been created here and the entire country has become Shivamay. He said that the people of our area are ready to serve the devotees coming here. That's why we are organizing such grand events with everyone's cooperation.

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