When we meet Enthusiastic Youth, our Thrones shake – Akhilesh Yadav


Reportedly in bihar too, the stir regarding lok sabha elections has intensified. During Tejashwi Yadav's public trust rally at gandhi Maidan in Patna, a gathering of many leaders of india Alliance took place. During this, Samajwadi party President akhilesh yadav also roared. He said that when enthusiastic youth come together, big thrones are shaken. Attacking the Centre, akhilesh yadav further said that the Constitution will be churned in 2024. In which on one side there will be protectors and on the other side there will be eaters.

Earlier in bihar, on sunday (March 3), the Grand Alliance made a show of strength at gandhi Maidan in Patna. During this, Samajwadi party President akhilesh yadav also said that what would happen if the people of Uttar Pradesh and bihar together defeat bjp on 120 seats. Akhilesh said that he will die only after removing bjp from the Centre.

Furthermore at the Jan vishwas Maharally in Patna, akhilesh yadav roared and said that as many workers of the Grand Alliance are standing outside as are in gandhi Maidan. bjp has to be removed from the centre. The SP President said that there are total 80 lok sabha seats in UP and 40 seats in Bihar. If bjp is defeated on all these 120 seats then the Center will lose power. akhilesh yadav also gave the slogan of 'remove 120, save the country'. He wrote on his social media account Moreover during his speech at the Maharally, the SP President also praised the work of former Deputy cm of bihar Tejashwi Yadav. akhilesh yadav said that Tejashwi has given jobs to 3 lakh youth in just 17 months during the Grand Alliance government. He claimed that if Tejashwi Yadav had remained in power, he would have definitely fulfilled his promise of providing 10 lakh jobs. He said that today farmers are troubled and the youth do not have jobs.

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