Himachal's numbers game changed with action against rebel Congress MLAs?


The political temperature is rising amidst the cold in the hills of Himachal. Meanwhile, assembly Speaker kuldeep Singh Pathania has disqualified six rebel congress MLAs, meaning their membership has been cancelled. These MLAs are accused of violating the congress whip. Now after this action it is clear that sukhwinder singh Sukhu will remain on the chair. assembly numbers are also pointing towards the same. Big things-

1. The Speaker has disqualified Sudhir Sharma of Dharamshala, Rajendra Rana of Sujanpur, Devendra Bhutto of Kutlahar, chaitanya Sharma of Gagret, ravi Thakur of Lahaul Spiti and Indradutt Lakhanpal of Badsar.

2. Expressing displeasure over the Speaker's decision, Sudhir Sharma told ABP news that we will challenge this decision in the court. Sudhir Sharma said that assembly Speaker kuldeep Singh Pathania himself did not come to the assembly for one and a half hours. Our attendance is recorded in the attendance register. He also said that the departure of this government is certain. Rajendra Rana said that we have been wrongly disqualified.

3. With the action against MLAs, there are now 62 MLAs left in the Assembly. There are 68 seats in the state assembly. Before the action, congress had 40 MLAs. That means now congress has 34 MLAs. bjp has 25 MLAs. There are also three independents, which are with BJP.

4. After action on 6 congress MLAs, now 32 MLAs will be required to remain in the government. 32 MLAs also attended the breakfast of chief minister sukhwinder singh Sukhu today. vikramaditya Singh did not participate in the breakfast of Sukhu. Whereas kuldeep Singh Pathania did not go to the meeting because he was the speaker. After the arrival of 32 MLAs, it is believed that there are less MLAs in vikramaditya Singh's camp.

5. vikramaditya Singh said in a special conversation with ABP news that I eat less breakfast. He also said that I will meet the supervisor today. Regarding action against the MLAs, he said that the Speaker must have taken the decision after thinking. His displeasure was clearly visible from Sukhu.

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