Annamalai attacked DMK Government badly..!?

Tamilnadu’s bjp state president annamalai has said that the DMK's demanding has been completely emerged. Pudukkottai district Annavasal panchayat Union The people who listed on Venkavayal Street in the village of Iyyur, which are subject to this panchayat, live. The area has an overhead tank with a capacity of tens of thousands of liters in the Venkai field to distribute the people to the people. Some mysterious people mixed human waste in this tank. The affair, which was released on the same day in december last year, caused great shock throughout the state. The trial of the case was transferred to the CBCID. However, no one has been arrested so far. Many have condemned this.

BJP state president annamalai said that it is a year after the DMK's croads have been revealed. He said, “One year after the Venkavayal incident, it is the Chief Minister. It has been a year since your social justice has been dismantled and your true data-face has been exposed before people. It has been a year since the DMK's claim of the public as mere votes. In tamil Nadu, in 30% of schools, the list of caste differences and untouchability against the list of social students, a newspaper news reports. But, more on the platform, you are reading what someone has written, equality is social justice. people laugh straight to your data-face.

For all these years, the central government list has taken funds for the welfare of the community and you have spent other projects for your vote politics or returned without spending. The public does not understand its vigor. They rely on the stage plays that you have been playing over time. But they are not ready to cheat anymore. ” Has posted.

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