MP Election Result: Union Minister lost from residence

Apart from Khargone, there are three assembly seats in the state, where in the last nine assembly elections, the

party elected by the people of the area formed the government in the state. These include Nepanagar seat of

Burhanpur district, Niwas seat of Mandla district and Sendhwa seat of Barwani district. Although in this time’s

assembly elections, the trend of going to power continued in Nepanagar, but this trend was broken in Niwas and

Sendhwa seats. In Nepanagar, BJP’s Manju Rajendra Dadu defeated Congress’s Gendu Bai by 44,805 votes. On

the Niwas seat, bjp had fielded Union minister Faggan Singh Kulaste but he had to data-face defeat from Chain Singh

Varkade of Congress. In Sendhwa, bjp leader and former minister Antar Singh arya was defeated by Congress’s

Montu Solanki.

History of Khargone seat

In all the elections held from 1977 to 2018, along with Khargone, the results of Nepanagar, Niwas and Sendhwa

seats also went in favor of the candidate of the same party, which won power. There has been only one occasion in

the history of Khargone assembly elections, when the party whose candidate was elected by the people there did

not form the government in the state. This seat came into existence in the first assembly elections held in the year

1951. In those days madhya pradesh was a part of Central India. madhya pradesh came into existence as a state in

1956 as a result of the reorganization of states.

Khargone residents failed to understand the direction of the wind in 1962

In the first and second assembly elections, congress candidates won from Khargone and the government in the

state was also formed by Congress. In those days ravi shankar Shukla was the chief minister of the state. The

assembly elections of 1962 were the only time when the people of Khargone of Nimar region did not vote as per

the political mood of the voters of the state. In this election, the people of Khargone elected Jan Sangh candidate

Bhalchandra Bagdare and sent him to the assembly, but congress government was formed in the state and

Bhagwant Rao Mandloi held the post of Chief Minister. Even before this he had held this post for 31 days. After

the death of the first chief minister of madhya pradesh, ravi shankar Shukla, Mandloi was made the acting Chief

Minister. In the assembly elections of 1967 and 1972, congress captured this assembly seat (Khargone) of

Khargone district, famous for cotton cultivation, and congress formed the government in the state. In all

subsequent assembly elections (till 2023), this trend continued that the government of the party whose candidate

won from Khargone came to power in the state.

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