Request to provide good wisdom to Udhayanidhi Stalin!?

The incident of Udhayanithi's plea to stalin to grant good wisdom has attracted attention. minister Udayanidhi, who has been continuously talking about the abolition of Sanatana, prayed for Nutana on behalf of the Bharat Student Council and Hindu Sevakan at Palladam, asking them to give good advice to stalin and Shekhar Babu. While the Vinayagar Chaturthi festival is being celebrated across the country, the Bharat Student Council and the Hindu Sevakan Organization are celebrating Vinayagar Chaturthi festival by placing an idol of Samatwa Vinayagar on Palladam NGR road in Tirupur district.

A large number of traders, student council and Hindu Sevakan organizations participated in Samatthu Vinayagar Chaturthi festival which started with special pujas. At that time, minister Udayanidhi stalin and Shekhar Babu, who are talking against Sanatana dharma and saying that they will abolish Sanatana, and those who are working against Hindu religion, prayed for good sense and worshiped Lord Ganesha by bowing before Ganesha. The fact that the Ministers are continuously talking against Sanatana dharma and saying that it is against Hindu Dharma, Ganesha was involved in Nutana worship by offering doppukaran in front of him has created a stir in the area.

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