Telangana - CEO assures political parties to resolve all issues related to electoral rolls

On Wednesday, Chief Electoral Officer Vikas raj briefed political parties on the continuous efforts being made by the election commission in preparation for the State's elections.
Vikas raj called a meeting with members from all political parties and informed them of further efforts as well as the timeline for the 2nd Special Summary Revision (SSR). Additionally, he briefed them on the house to house (H2H) survey being conducted by Booth Level Officers, the rationalisation of voting places, the release of the draught electoral roll expected for august 2 and the final publication of the electoral roll scheduled for october 4.

The CEO briefed political party leaders on the many services offered through the elector's voter's portal, including the ability to apply for Forms 6, 6A, 6B, and 8 online, follow the status of applications, and download e-Epic. The CEO gave the delegates the reassurance that all of the concerns they voiced will be resolved as soon as possible. The commissioner of the ghmc and the DEO in hyderabad gave an explanation of the idea behind the exercise and the creation of polling places based around colonies and bastis.
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