US reaffirmed support to India's early membership

Sekar Chandra
New Delhi sources have stated that a joint statement issued following the Second India US Strategic and Commercial Dialogue here said that in a further effort to strengthen global non-proliferation and export controls, both sides committed to redouble their efforts towards India’s early entry into the NSG.

Meanwhile India’s bid for membership in the NSG plenary in Seoul in June this year was blocked by China on the ground that for a country to be part of the 48-member bloc it should be a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Presently according to a separate section of the joint statement, in support of India’s quest for clean energy, both sides has noted the progress made in bilateral civil nuclear cooperation and applauded continued engagement toward finalising the contractual arrangements by June 2017 to build six AP 1000 reactors that will provide clean, reliable energy to millions of people in India.

As per the statement the United States affirmed its support for pursuing its membership of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), recognising the critical role it can play in the development and deployment of solar power.

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