Kiara Advani has been trolled for singing in 'Indian Idol'


Kiara Advani Trolled: kiara advani has been trolled for singing in 'Indian Idol', Siddharth said - you.

When kiara advani sang during indian idol 12 in 2021, she was trolled heavily for her singing, for which Kiara's husband SiddharthMalhotra praised her fiercely.

Kiara Advani and siddharth Malhotra are one of Bollywood's favorite couples. people like the chemistry of these two both offscreen and onscreen. The pairing of both was very much liked by the audience in the film 'Sher Shah'. Since then, fans have been eager to see both of them together onscreen again. kiara advani appeared in 'Indian Idol 12' in 2021. siddharth Malhotra was also present with him at that time. Both went to the singing show to promote their film 'Sher Shah'. At this time Kiara sang a song, and something happened that even kiara has not been able to forget to date.

When kiara sang the song

Kiara Advani and siddharth Malhotra went to promote their film 'Sher Shah' in 'Indian Idol 12' in 2021. According to media reports, kiara and siddharth fell in love with each other during this film. Both got married in february 2023. kiara advani has finally spoken openly about being trolled after the song during the finale of 'Indian Idol 12'. Recently, kiara completed 10 years in Bollywood, she also celebrated this thing fiercely. During that event, Kiara was reportedly asked about being trolled for singing in 'Indian Idol 12', Kiara recalled the incident and admitted that it was "very bad". According to media reports, kiara said, "Friends, I went to the indian idol finale... yes, it was so bad that I will never go." When a fan interrupted and said, "No, it wasn't bad, it was beautiful", Kiara said that they were praising her just because they love her.'' After this, kiara also told how her husband siddharth Malhotra had reacted to her singing and said, "Thank you, you all are real fans because after the song siddharth told me, 'Tum mein himmat hai. Grand finale mein tumne try ki, yaha khaaf hai'.'' After thisKiara said, ''I said, I don't know that suddenly my tone will be off.''

Kiara and Siddharth's films

Kiara Advani will soon be seen in the Farhan Akhtar-directed film 'Don 3'. According to media reports, kiara can also be seen doing action in this film. ranveer singh will be seen opposite kiara in this film. Apart from this film, Kiara also has the film 'Game Changer' with pan india star ram Charan. Siddharth was last seen in the film 'Yodha'.

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