Who does Baby Klinkaara look like..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Who does Baby Klinkaara look like..!?

It is known that Mega Princess entered the mega family house. Klinkaara joined the lives of mega couple ram Charan-Upasana. But what about Klinkaara's father? The mother's likeness has not been clarified so far. Klinkara was born on june 20 last year. She will complete a year on june 20, 2024. That means there is not much time for that. Only a few days left. Six months are enough to tell what Klinkaara is like. But so far those things have not been leaked anywhere. In fact, they didn't even show Klinkaara properly. Here and there, the media has not shown what Klinkaara looks like except for the photos caught in the media. Due to this, there is a lot of interest in how she looks like. The birthday is just a few days away. 

Due to this, discussions started in the film circles on the comparison of Papa. Some people who are close to mega families compare her with Charan, while others say that she is similar to Klinkaara's grandmother. That means she is like Upasana. 

But upasana gave some hints. She said that the daughter was looking like her father. upasana commented that Charan would recognize Klinkaara when he saw it. And we have to wait for a few more days to get clarity on all this. There will be an opportunity to give updates about Klinkaara on the occasion of the first birthday. It is known that the recent revelation about the changes that came in her after giving birth to the child is known. An attempt was made to tell about motherhood on the occasion of Mother's Day. It is said that becoming a mother is a blessing for every woman. It is said that Charan will be very attentive in the matter of cleanliness. She said that Charan was the reason why she overcame stress after delivery. It is known that Charan is currently acting in 'Game Changer'.

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