ParineetiChopra blames ‘bad choices’ on people who gave her the ‘wrong advice


Parineeti Chopra: After Chamkila, Parineeti is waiting for a good project, said- I hope that if I...

Bollywood actress parineeti chopra is in the news these days for her film 'Amar Singh Chamkila'. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, this film is based on the life of amar singh Chamkila and his wife Amarjot Kaur. Parineeti played the role of Amarjot in the film. The actress has recently spoken openly about getting less work due to flop films. He hopes that his talent will be recognized in the industry and he will get offers.

Parineeti Chopra said in a conversation that she wants equal opportunities. She said, 'I feel like I want an opportunity from all the producers out there. If big producers, big studio heads, and big directors recognize our talent. If our hard work shows, just give us that opportunity. Because until we get that opportunity, we cannot prove ourselves.

She further said, 'If I didn't have Chamkila today, I would never have known or the world would never have known that I could sing live. I can gain weight and I can act well. I am still in the same old situation. Parineeti said, 'Sometimes you don't get good opportunities for the wrong reasons. I went to the directors and they said, 'I've been wanting to work with you for the last three films. But I didn't know whether you wanted to work or not.

Parineeti said, 'I just want this to stop after Chamkila. I hope it turns out to be right for me. I hope that if I do good work, I will get good work. Now this is what I am looking for. I am not waiting for any particular project, just looking for good work.

Parineeti Chopra shares the screen with diljit dosanjh for the first time in Netflix's amar singh Chamkila, directed by Imtiaz Ali. The audience has liked this film very much. Earlier, she was seen in Mission raniganj with akshay kumar in 2023. This film was unsuccessful at the box office.

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