Ishwak's career shines due to the praise he is getting for 'Berlin'


Ishwak Singh: Ishwak's career shines due to the praise he is getting for 'Berlin', says, 'My journey till now has been like that of Shahrukh Khan'

Actor Ishwak Singh, who started his acting career by playing a small role in the film 'Veere Di Wedding', is in the news these days for his film 'Berlin'. After making headlines at the international level, this film recently premiered at the red Lorry Film festival held in mumbai and since then the film has remained in the news. Ishwak Singh is very excited about his film and hopes that this film will prove to be a new milestone in his acting career.

Ishwak Singh says, 'There are a lot of nuances and references in the film 'Berlin', which people get more than expatriates or foreigners. I also have a lot of my old memories in the film. The film is a spy thriller and stars Ishvak in the role of a deaf man.

When talking about his character in the film 'Berlin', Ishwak Singh says, 'It may not be echoing in my mind all the time, but it is respectful towards the community I am representing in this film. Being is important to me. Even while doing films, I wanted to reach a level where communicating through signs would be my preferred method. It was quite touching to know what the plight of the deaf community is.

Ishwak Singh says, 'He got the real pleasure of playing this character in the film 'Berlin' when some people present in the audience, who could not hear, appreciated me. In london and Los Angeles, I remember meeting people who were impressed by the message given in the film and the reality of the story. Ishwak Singh admits that 'Paatal Lok', 'Rocket Boys', and now 'Berlin' are such stories in which he is not the solo hero.

Regarding the era of stories with two heroes, Ishwak Singh says, 'Here it is always about two persons. I can say that instead of romance, I have bromance. For me, the thing that matters most in any film or series is its story. Once I like it, then it doesn't matter to me whether I am its solo hero or there is more than one hero in it.

Ishwak is quite satisfied with his acting journey so far. He explains, 'It has been a difficult journey, but this is the journey I wanted. I wanted to start small and work my way up slowly. This is probably also because all the role models I have have gone through this journey, even Shahrukh Khan.

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