Teaser-Trailer of 'Oru Nodi' Starring 'Vanath Pola' Serial Actor Thaman Kumar

Sekar Chandra
Teaser-Trailer of 'Oru Nodi' Starring 'Vanath Pola' Serial Actor Thaman Kumar 

The teaser and trailer of actor Thaman Kumar's starrer 'Oru Nod' have been released on two different platforms on the same day and are getting a good responses among the fans.

 Arya, the leading actor in the tamil film industry, has released the teaser of 'Oru Nod', directed by debutant director Manivarman, starring Thaman Kumar. The teaser of the film was released today by Sarikama music on YouTube. At the same time, for the first time in tamil cinema, the trailer of the film was also released in 150 different theaters across tamil Nadu. By doing this, the aim is to appeal to online fans and theatergoers alike in two ways.

Dhananjeyan, a renowned filmmaker, founder of BAFTA Film College, and distributor who released major films like 'Language of the Wind', 'Ivan Tanthran', 'Kodiil Oruvan' and 'Kolaikaran', is fronting the film. Produced by madurai Alagar Movies and White Lamp Pictures.

Thaman Kumar, the hero of 'Tottal Siyaram' and who played an important role in 'Ayodhi', will play the hero in a completely new role in 'Oru Nodi' with a different storyline, along with M.S. Bhaskar, Vela Ramamurthy, Pasha Karupiya, Gajarajah, deepa Shankar, Sriranjani also play important roles. KG Ratheesh will take over as the cinematographer while SJ will look after the art director duties. Ram. Debutant music composer Sanjay Manickam and cinematographer S Guru surya have contributed strongly to the film.

With a director who wants to make a mark in his first film, a new producer with passion and honesty, and an army of budding young actors, this enthusiastic team is waiting to tell a suspenseful story full of horror and mystery from a new angle with the film 'Oru Nod'. Another strength of the film is the mystery knots that fans can't guess.

The post-production work of 'Oru Nod' is complete and awaiting censor certification. The film is slated to release on april 26. The film was produced by BVR in chennai and Chengalpattu. Cinemas Company, Tirupur Subramaniam in coimbatore and Tendkota Company abroad. The audio release of the film and subsequent updates are forthcoming. The crew of the film is confident that the story of the film will attract the attention of the fans and fulfill their expectations

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