Amar Singh Chamkila Once Rejected Sridevi’s Offer To Work In Hindi Film, Singer’s Friend Claims


Amar Singh Chamkila Once Rejected Sridevi’s Offer To Work In hindi Film, Singer’s Friend Claims

Diljit Dosanjh and parineeti chopra starrer ‘Chamkila’, based on the life of amar singh Chamkila, was released on Netflix on april 12.

Diljit Dosanjh and parineeti chopra starrer ‘Chamkila’, directed by imtiaz ali, released on Netflix this Friday. After the release of the biopic of the legendary punjabi singer, amar singh Chamkila, an old interview of his friend, Sawarn Sivia, resurdata-faced on YouTube. In the clip that is going viral, Sivia revealed an intriguing tidbit about Sridevi's fondness for Chamkila.

Sridevi wanted to work with Chamkila

Sridevi once expressed her desire to work with amar singh Chamkila after watching one of his performances. However, the singer rejected her offer saying that he could not speak Hindi. 

Sridevi was a fan of amar singh Chamkila; she even asked him to be a hero in her film. But he told her he couldn’t speak in Hindi. She offered to get him trained in a month, but he said he would lose ₹10 lakh in that time. sridevi then agreed to do a punjabi film with him, but that couldn’t happen,” Sawarn said.

Chamkila movie review

The  review of 'Chamkila' read: For every Chamkila fan out there and those of many who have heard of his songs like lullabies since childhood, 'Amar Singh Chamkila', starring diljit dosanjh and parineeti chopra is just the perfect homage to Punjab's highest record-selling artist. The imtiaz ali film immortalizes the punjabi folk funkar forever in cinematic history; a dream, amar singh Chamkila would have loved to see materialized in front of his eyes, had he been alive.

About amar singh Chamkila

Born in punjab as Dhanni Ram, amar singh Chamkila gained fame for his controversial music. The singer also earned the title of "Elvis of Punjab”. Unfortunately, in 1988, Chamkila, his wife Amarjot, and two other members of their group were killed. The reason for their murder is still unknown.

The Netflix movie on amar singh Chamkila explores the singer's rise to fame and the struggles he data-faced before his tragic demise. Earlier, in 2023, Diljit played a character inspired by Chamkila in the punjabi film ‘Jodi’.

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