A famous Tamil actor was admitted to hospital due to chest pain

A famous tamil actor was admitted to hospital due to chest pain! film industry in shock!

Popular actor sayaji shinde has been admitted to hospital due to severe chest pain, and now information about his health has come out. sayaji shinde is famous for playing character roles and villains in tamil, telugu, kannada and other multilingual films. In tamil, he became famous for his role as Bharathiyar in the film Mundasukh Kavinjan, Bharathiyar's biography. The credit goes to him for realistically portraying Bharatiyar's life and character.

After Bharti, sayaji shinde became a very busy actress in Tamil... She acted in many leading actors' films like ajith starrer 'Poovellam Un Vasam', Rajinikanth starrer 'Baba' Vikram's 'Dhool', Dhanush's 'Badikadhavan', Vijay starrer 'Vettaikaran'. Similarly, he has been acting as a villain for leading actors in the telugu film industry. sayaji shinde, 65, was admitted to a private hospital near Hudahuti by his family after he suddenly developed severe chest pain this morning while at home. Doctors examined him and discovered a blockage in the blood vessels leading to the heart. Angioplasty was done after this. And the doctor said that his condition is stable.

So it seems that in a day or two, sayaji shinde will be discharged from the hospital. It is noteworthy that he already had a heart attack once. sayaji shinde reduced the number of films he acted in after his heart attack.

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