Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat became friends

Emraan Hashmi and mallika sherawat became friends…

Everyone is aware of the fight between emraan hashmi and mallika Sherawat. 20 years ago, during the shooting of the film murder, Imran and mallika had a fight. Now finally forgetting everything, Imran and mallika have become friends again. The video of both of them hugging is going viral on social media. producer Anand Pandit's daughter's reception has witnessed the reunion of Imran and Mallika. Both met at the wedding reception in mumbai on Thursday. Where both of them also posed together on the red carpet.

Emraan Hashmi and mallika sherawat smiled at each other at the wedding reception and then hugged each other. Seeing Imran and mallika hugging, a smile appeared on the data-faces of the fans. After this, both of them went to the red carpet and posed.

Fans commented

This video of Imran and mallika is going viral on social media. Fans are commenting a lot on this video. One wrote- She is looking stunning. Even today I think his maiya maiya song was epic. While the other wrote- Best pair. One wrote- Imran is blushing. Talking about Mallika's look, she was wearing a pink colored gown in which she was looking very beautiful, whereas talking about Imran's look, he was wearing a black suit. In which he was looking quite handsome.

There was a fight on the murder set

The murder of Imran and mallika proved to be a big hit. Although both did not talk to each other on the set. In an interview given in 2021, mallika talked about her fight with Imran. mallika said- 'We did not talk and now I think it was very childish. I think it was a misunderstanding between us during the post-film promotion or something. It was very strange and very childish even on my part. I too am no less. mallika said that although she laughs about the fight now, they are no longer in touch.

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