Even in the third week, 'Shaitaan' is making waves!!!


Even in the third week, 'Shaitaan' is making waves!!!

Ajay Devgan and R madhavan starrer 'Shaitan' is ruling the box office. It has been three weeks since this film was released. Meanwhile, many other films including siddharth Malhotra's 'Yodha' and Ada Sharma's 'Bastar The Naxal Story' also hit the theaters but none could stand in front of 'Shaitan'. Among all the new films, the horror thriller 'Shaitan' is doing the highest business. Let us know here how many crores has 'Shaitan' were collected on the 19th day of its release.

How much did 'Shaitan' earn on the 19th day of its release?

The dark shadow of 'Shaitan' is looming over the box office. The craze of this horror genre film has been on the rise in the audience since the first day of its release. After a strong opening, this film collected at a stormy pace within two weeks of its release. After coming in the third week, its earning speed reduced but it is still printing a lot of notes.

Talking about the earnings of the supernatural thriller 'Shaitan', the first week's business of this film, which lost Rs 14.5 crores, was Rs 79.75 crores, whereas in the second week 'Shaitan' earned Rs 34.55 crores. This film is now in its third week of release and on the third friday it earned 2.4 crores, on the third saturday the collection of the film was 4.5 crores, and on the third Sunday, the film did a business of 4.35 crores. Whereas on the third monday the collection of 'Shaitan' was Rs 3.15 crore. Now the initial figures for the earnings of this film on the 19th day of its release i.e. the third tuesday have come. According to the early trend report of Sacknilk, 'Shaitan' collected Rs 2.25 crore on the 19th day of its release i.e. third Tuesday. With this, the total business of 'Shaitan' in 19 days is now Rs 130.95 crore.

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