This actress became the mother of twins at the age of 17


This actress became the mother of twins at the age of 17!!!

Almost everyone working in the film industry has their own story. Some have to struggle financially while others' personal lives remain disturbed from the beginning. Some time ago, tv actress urvashi Dhokalia also narrated some stories of her life. He had told how he had to survive in the industry at a young age.

Actress urvashi Dholakia said that after becoming a mother at a young age, she had the responsibility of two children. Working became a compulsion for him, but when people started recognizing him and his children grew up, everything became fine.

urvashi Rataula's struggle after divorce

In siddharth Kanan's talk show, urvashi Dholakia narrated some unheard stories of her life which fans may be surprised to hear. siddharth Kanan asked Urvashi, 'At what age did you get married?' On this, urvashi said 16 years of age. Then siddharth Kanan asked, 'Did you fall in love with someone or did your family arrange it?' To this, the actress replied, 'No, it was not arranged at all. It was a love marriage and I knew him for the last year. At that time, understanding was established within one year, I am talking about 26-27 years ago.

Then siddharth said that he got married at 16, then urvashi said yes and had children at 17. siddharth was surprised and said that it was a big deal to be responsible for two children at the age of 17. urvashi said, 'At the age of 17, I had become the mother of two children and at the age of 18 I was divorced.'

urvashi further said, 'It was very difficult at that time, my father and mother supported me a lot but I had to work to raise the children. Therefore, in the beginning, I used to do whatever work was available to me. Recalling those days, urvashi said, 'When someone new comes into the industry, there is always a problem, but it was my compulsion, so I kept working and accepted whatever roles came my way. Being a girl, I had to data-face a lot of problems, but if there was any compulsion, I had to do it.

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