Fans got scared after seeing Nikitin's look


Fans got scared after seeing Nikitin's look…

Nikitin Dheer is one of the famous names who has made a special identity with his work in the bollywood and tv industry. Nikitin has worked hard to reach where he is today as an actor. These days the actor is playing the role of Ravana in the television show 'Shrimad Ramayana'. The audience is very fond of Nikitin in the role of Ravana.

Fans got scared after seeing Nikitin's look in the guise of Ravana

The actor is in the news for his transformation for the role of Ravana. Recently, Nikitin has shared a video of himself from this serial, in which it is very difficult to recognize him. After watching this video the fans are also shocked. In the video shared, Nikitin is seen getting ready in the avatar of Ravana's monk. In the video, the actor has shown how he is getting ready for Ravana's sadhu disguise. As soon as Nikitin comes in the incarnation of Ravana, he looks so different that it is becoming very difficult to recognize him. While sharing the video, Nikitin wrote in the caption - 'Thank you all for so much love and blessings for Ravana.. I am sharing a small glimpse of the Sadhu avatar for you...'

The actor's transformation is dangerous

Also, in the video shared, Nikitin is first given a sadhu look with make-up. After this, tilak and sandalwood are applied on their forehead. After this, a white long hair wig is applied to the actor. After this, red color is applied under the eyes, to give them a slightly scary look. Many fans are scared after seeing the look of the actor. They are unable to believe that this is the same Nikitin Dheer, who was seen in 'Chennai Express' with Shahrukh Khan.

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