This 90s superstar made a shocking revelation


This 90s superstar made a shocking revelation..?

This actor was a superstar of the 90s. He has worked in hundreds of films in his long career. There was a time when his name was famous in the industry. The biggest actors of bollywood were afraid of his stardom. However, now he has been missing from the big screen for a long time. If you don't know who we are talking about, then let us tell you that we are talking about the king of comedy Govinda.

100 crore films rejected

Last year in 2023, in an interview, govinda said that he had rejected many projects worth crores of rupees. According to a dna report, govinda had said, 'I do not agree to any film easily. This does not mean that now I am not getting work in the industry. I want to tell those people that I am getting offers from many big films. god has blessed me. I left projects worth Rs 100 crore last year.

govinda further says, 'However, I also slapped myself in front of the mirror wondering what I was doing. Why am I not signing any project? The makers were paying me a good amount of money but I didn't want to do any random role. I want to do something different and new. I want a role of the level of the powerful characters I have played in my old films.

Then slap yourself in front of the mirror

Let us tell you that govinda was the first choice of the makers for 'Gadar'. This was revealed by ameesha patel during an interview. The actress had told that 'Anil wanted to cast mamta Kulkarni and govinda for the roles of Sakina and tara Singh.

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