Yash reacted to the news of Shahrukh Khan's cameo in Toxic!!


Toxic: yash reacted to the news of Shahrukh Khan's cameo in Toxic, saying- don't trust the sources

Superstar yash is best known for the kgf franchise. With this film, he gained immense popularity across the country. yash has not been seen in any film since the second part of the film. These days he is constantly in the headlines for his upcoming film Toxic. Many rumors have been heard so far regarding this project.

Recently quoting sources it was said that kareena kapoor Khan is going to be seen in the film. After this, these reports were reacted to in a statement by the actress's team.

The team had said, “There is a lot of speculation about kareena kapoor Khan's next film. We request the media to avoid mentioning kareena kapoor in her next project and as part of the star cast of any film. Something very exciting is going to happen very soon. We request everyone to wait for the official announcement."

Meanwhile, some reports regarding the film have claimed that shahrukh khan can be seen doing a cameo in this yash film. Now Yash's reaction to this news has come to light. Talking about this recently, the actor said that nothing is confirmed yet. The makers of the film will soon officially announce its star cast. Then everyone will know about this. Till then do not believe the news quoted from any sources."

According to media reports, Shahrukh has not yet agreed to this film nor has he rejected it. Toxic is Geetu Mohandas's debut kannada film as a director. This film is expected to be released in april 2025.

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