"Kaagaz 2" a Passion Project of Late Actor Satish Kaushik Hails Right to Free Movement!


Kaagaz 2: Another 'Aakhri' film of Satish Kaushik, know what the special connection with Sitapur of UP

Whenever a film of late actor Satish kaushik is about to be released in theatres, the producer and director of the film describes the film as Satish Kaushik's 'last' film. The aim is that the audience will come to watch the film considering it to be Satish's last film. Now Satish Kaushik's film 'Kaagaj 2' is also being said to be the last film of his career. However, he will also be seen in the role of Jagjivan ram in actress kangana Ranaut's film 'Emergency'. Let us know when and where the shooting of the film 'Kaagaz 2' took place. What is the story of the film and Satish Kaushik's role in it?

The trailer of late actor Satish Kaushik's film 'Kaagaj 2' was launched in mumbai on Friday. This film is said to be Satish Kaushik's last film. Satish kaushik plays the role of a common man in this film. The shooting of this film took place in lucknow and Sitapur in July 2022. The story of the film is about a common man from Sitapur and his UPSC topper daughter.

The story of the film Kaagaz-2 is related to Sitapur. Late actor Satish kaushik is playing the role of a common man in this film. A sudden new twist comes in the story of the film when his UPSC topper daughter slips and falls and gets injured on her head. When her father takes her to the hospital, a rally has taken place in the city and she gets stuck in the square. The father can neither go forward nor backward with the car. By the time the rally ends, the daughter dies.

Apart from late actor Satish Kaushik, the film stars Neena Gupta, anupam kher, darshan kumar, Anang Desai, and kiran kumar in lead roles. When a common family disintegrates after the death of their daughter, anupam kher and darshan kumar get justice. anupam kher and darshan kumar are playing the roles of father and son in the film. As a director, Satish kaushik also shot the film 'Kaagaj' in Sitapur in which actor pankaj tripathi played the lead role and this film was released on OTT platform Zee5 on 7 january 2021.

'Kaagaz 2' is directed by South cinema director VK Prakash. Only after the release of 'Kaagaj', Satish kaushik revealed during an interview that if he acted in the film 'Kaagaj 2' then he would not direct the film himself. This film has been produced by Venus along with Satish Kaushik's company. The film is set to be released in theaters next month.

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