Shark Tank India's Aman Gupta rejects PM Modi-praised start-up.


Shark Tank india 3: The startup praised by PM Modi, rejected by Aman Gupta?

The third season of the reality show 'Shark Tank India' is in the news these days. In this, three new 'Sharks' share their views on the business ideas of the participants and inspire them to take them forward. In the recent episode, the 'Dak Home' company came up with its business idea. This company promotes writing through its campaigns and products. PM Modi has also praised it. After discussing their business, the founders of this company asked for Rs 36 lakh. Aman Gupta, one of the six sharks on the show, refused to give this amount to this startup. Also said that this is not a business. What did the other sharks say? Let us know...

At the beginning of the show, a postman came on a bicycle with letters and gave them to all the sharks of the show. Those letters were written by the close friends and family members of these sharks, after reading which everyone became emotional and lost in old memories. After this, Shivani Mehta and Harnemat Kaur, the founding members of 'Dak Room' company, came and while explaining their business idea, said, 'Our demand is Rs 36 lakh for four percent equity'.

All the sharks were impressed by Harnemat and Shivani's idea. Everyone including Aman Gupta praised it. However, everyone shared their different views on investment. The show's 'shark' Aman Gupta refused to invest in 'Dak Room' on the demand of Rs 36 lakh. Aman Gupta said, 'This is not a business. This used to happen in ancient times. I do not have the same passion for writing as you do, so I will not be able to add value to it.

At the same time, the other shark piyush Bansal also decided not to invest in 'Post Room'. piyush also suggested the startup founders convert their business into a stationery brand. piyush said, 'I do not understand what your service is and what service it provides. What is your revenue model?' 'Shark' Ritesh offered Rs 36 lakh to the founders of 'Dak Room' for 6 percent ownership. He also put a condition along with his offer and said that if the company meets the expected earnings then his ownership will be reduced to 5 percent.

Shark Tank india started its third season on 22 january 2024. Talking about 'Dak Room', is a startup that encourages hand writing through campaigns and workshops. PM narendra modi has also praised it.

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