Apart from Hindi, these singers have sung in other languages and also!!!


Bollywood: Apart from hindi, these singers have sung in other languages and also, broadened the field of music and art.

The field of music and art has expanded and expanded considerably. No limit, no religion can set it. This has been proved time and again by indian singers, who have adopted every language of india and lent their voices to songs in different languages. In today's article, we are going to tell you about those bollywood singers who have lent their voices in languages other than Hindi.

Arijit Singh

Singer arijit singh, who has spread the magic of his voice in bollywood films, has also sung songs in many languages. Today there would hardly be any person who would not have Arijit Singh's songs in his playlist. Apart from hindi songs, arijit singh has also sung songs in other languages, he sang a bengali song in Mrs. Sen.

Shreya Ghoshal

The name of the queen of tunes shreya ghoshal is also included in this list. After Lata Mangeshkar, the audience now praises Shreya as the nightingale. Shreya has spread the magic of her voice in every industry. Shreya has given her voice in many tamil films. Along with this, the singer has sung songs in many South films.

Shilpa Rao

Shilpa Rao, who has spread the magic of her voice in bollywood films, is currently at her peak. Apart from bollywood, shilpa rao has also sung songs for South films, recently she sang the item song of Jailer. This song received a lot of love on social media and the South audience also appreciated Shilpa's voice. shilpa was also very happy singing this song.

Neeti Mohan

Neeti Mohan has always mesmerized the bollywood audience with her voice. Apart from hindi songs, the singer has also lent her voice in South films. Neeti Mohan sang the song 'Naanum Rowdy Dhaan', which she sang in the tamil language. The audience also liked this song a lot.

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