Jamie Lever: Jamie got work in the industry without father's name


Jamie Lever: Jamie got work in the industry without father's name, johnny Lever did not guide his daughter!

Famous artist of bollywood industry, johnny Lever has entertained the audience a lot with his comedy. At the same time, now his daughter Jamie Lever is going to step into acting career in telugu film. Jamie Lever is also known for her versatility. The actress has shared that when she started her journey in comedy, her father johnny Lever did not show her any path to become a successful comedian in Bollywood.

Recently, in an interview, Jamie recalled that he got his first break from sony TV's comedy Circus, where he was hired using his stage name and the producers had no idea that he was johnny Lever. Are hiring the daughter of. “Dad didn’t want me to work on that on the show,” Jamie said. He said that I don't know how it will be and how you will work.

Jamie revealed her experience of working on the show and said, “I met Sudesh, krishna and Bharti at the cast and crew meet. They started ragging me. He asked me 'What does your father do?'". When I told him my father's name, Sudesh ji said 'Hey son, you are like our daughter.' At that moment I felt as if I was now a part of this family. It has been done. Now it is our responsibility to take care of everyone.”

Jamie said that when the producers found out she was Johnny's daughter, they wanted Jamie to do her father's impression in every episode. He shared, The makers used to say 'There should be a slight touch of johnny Lever' because we have to emphadata-size that she is johnny Lever's daughter and we have launched her."

Let us tell you that Jamie also beats her father in comedy. Often his comedy videos go viral on social media. Now the actress is ready to leave her indelible mark in telugu films in South Patti also.

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