Kerala man detained by Abu Dhabi authorities...

S Venkateshwari
Kerala man detained by Abu Dhabi authorities...

An indian employee of the LuLu Group in the United Arab Emirates has been apprehended by the Abu Dhabi police. The employee allegedly stole 600,000 dirhams, or ₹1.5 crore, from the company on march 25 and fled. The accused, Muhammad Niyas (38), is said to be a native of Kerala's Kannur district and was employed as the cash office-in-charge of the LuLu Hypermarket at Khalidiyah Mall in Abu Dhabi.

About the incident's specifics, it was made clear that the Al-Khalediya police Center in Abu Dhabi received a report from a business establishment there, stating that the establishment had been robbed and embezzled by an employee. The criminal investigation teams at the Al-Khalediya police Center promptly gathered information, which resulted in his arrest in a record amount of time, and the investigation is currently underway. The Prosecutor's office is being notified of the accused's health so that legal action can be taken, the Abu Dhabi police stated in a statement on april 5.

The commercial institution "expressed its happiness to arrest the accused in record time and thanked the General Command of the Abu Dhabi police for their prompt response to the report," the statement continued.

The employee's non-attendance on march 25th led to the discovery of the heist. Afterwards, it was stated that his phone was turned off, thus attempts to reach him were unsuccessful. The company discovered the purported embezzlement and duly reported it to the authorities after conducting more investigation.

The defendant allegedly resided in Abu Dhabi with his family and had been employed by the LuLu Group for the previous fifteen years. It was not possible to reach the firm executives for comment.

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