Why is the ancient schooling system so important today?

S Venkateshwari
Why is the ancient schooling system so important today?

An exceptional and illustrious tradition was the education system of ancient India. Not only were writing, reading, and comprehension taught in the Rig Vedic, Later Vedic, and Buddhist educational systems, but also religion, scriptures, morals, astrology, and life values. The primary goal of the previous educational system was character development. An old proverb states that little is lost if riches is lost, something is lost if health is lost, and everything is lost if character is lost. Building character came first because someone with strong character takes responsibility for their family, community, and home in addition to becoming a decent citizen. Acquiring accurate knowledge is a prerequisite for good intelligence, and having strong intelligence is a prerequisite for developing good character.

For this reason, character development came first.

During the Rig Vedic era, moral principles were highly valued. Special meetings were held to ensure character purity. sins and lies were viewed as repugnant. The dissemination of civilized civilization and culture was one of education's goals. Even in the Buddha's schooling, developing one's character was crucial. 

The Tripitakas in the Pali canon state that astrology, logic, philosophy, and character development were the main goals of the instruction provided in monasteries and viharas. There have been three key elements of Buddhist education mentioned. Characterological comes first, followed by intellectual and spiritual. The universities of Takshashila, Nalanda, Vikramshila, and Odalpuri were well-known throughout the Buddhist era. There were 118 subjects taught here, with the primary ones being astrology, logic, ethics, religion, philosophy, and justice.

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