Buddhist monk leaving property worth 40,000 crores


Buddhist monk leaving property worth 40,000 crores…

Gautam buddha was born in the house of a king, but he saw some such incidents happening in the world that he decided to leave the kingdom and follow the path of religion. After this he established a new religion. Today one of his followers has repeated the exact same story. We are talking. Wayne Siripanyo's.Siripanyo is the heir to a company worth Rs 40,000 crore but he surprised everyone by deciding to become a Buddhist monk at the age of 18.Born to Sri Lankan Tamil-origin telecom tycoon Ananda Krishnan, Siripanyo was to lead Krishnan's mega-billion-dollar telecom empire. The empire included businesses in telecom, media, oil and gas, real estate and satellites. In all, Krishnan has stake in at least 9 companies. He is the third richest person in Malaysia.

Buddhist monk in fun

Ananda Krishnan himself is a Buddhist and a prominent philanthropist, donating to a variety of causes ranging from education to humanitarian efforts. His son reportedly became a Buddhist monk at the age of just 18. Although not much is public about Siripanyo's reasons for becoming a monk, it is reported that he took to the ascetic life for "fun" during his retreat. The lifestyle adopted temporarily turned into a permanent one. Instead of running his father's multimillion-rupee empire, Siripanyo decided to lead a simple life by begging.

Mother was from royal family

It has been more than 2 decades since Siripanyo gave up all the wealth he had inherited and chose to live in the forest as a monk. He is the abbot of the Datao Dum Monastery in Thailand. It has also been claimed that the monk is a descendant of the Thai royal family on his mother's side. There are not many details about Siripanyo's early life, but he was reportedly raised in britain with his 2 sisters and can speak 8 languages.

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