Foods that disrupt hormones when eaten with non-veg..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Foods that disrupt hormones when eaten with non-veg..!?
 Eating conflicting foods at the same time or at certain intervals can cause skin diseases, arthritis, and problems in the internal organs of the body.
Meat And Milk Bad Combo: Just hearing the word food makes the mouth water. Eating food will make you hungry, your body will get energy and your health will improve. But it seems that only the hungry can eat whatever is available. When most people think of food, it is the taste that comes to their mind. We give more importance to our taste buds than health care. But not knowing how dangerous and harmful the food we eat is, we give importance to the desires of liking, taste, and smell, and eat food in perverse combinations. According to Ayurveda, eating contradictory foods at the same time or at certain intervals can cause skin diseases, gout, and problems with the internal organs of the body. So, you should know what to eat with what food or what not to eat within certain hours. In addition, there is a list of things that non-vegetarians should not eat immediately after eating. Let us first find out what is the reason for this.
Non-vegetarian foods are rich in protein, high in iron, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, and they help maintain hemoglobin count and increase the body's endurance. When the body is already absorbing the nutrients from non-vegetarian food, if the body absorbs the opposite foods, it can cause hormonal imbalance and many problems including allergies. This can eventually lead to many serious problems in the body.
So, know what are some of the foods you should avoid after eating non-vegetarian food.
Milk after non-vegetarian food:
Never drink dairy products after eating non-vegetarian food. Because milk cools the body and non-vegetarian foods heat the body. If these two are taken together, it can mess up hormones and harm the body. Allergy in the body. Moreover, especially after consuming a mixed diet containing fish and dairy products, a chemical reaction in the blood can cause problems with the hormones that color the skin and cause skin discoloration such as leukoderma/vitiligo. Likewise, fish, chicken, and mutton should not be eaten after drinking milk, because when two types of protein are taken at the same time, they require different types of digestive juices to digest. This can disrupt the body's hormones and cause problems with the digestion of both proteins. These adversely affect the digestive and immune systems of the body.
Apart from milk, dairy products like curd, tea, etc. should not be consumed along with non-vegetarian food. Similarly, along with non-vegetarian food, drinks like green tea, herbal tea, glucose, caffeine, and coffee should not be consumed. These substances heat the body and cause indigestion and stomach irritation. Generally, after consuming non-vegetarian food, drink hot water, which helps in faster digestion of food. Drinking hot water flushes out the accumulated fats in the body. If we understand what we eat, what it does in the body, and what it reacts to, the body will be healthy.

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