Super chance..! Gold price is still low today..!

Sowmiya Sriram
Super chance..! gold price is still low today..!
The price of gold is still below 1800 dollars today due to various factors. It is under pressure as the value of the US dollar continues to rise and the stock market continues to rise. However, although there is no major rise in the international market, it is increasing slightly. It is also expected that key decisions may be taken at the Federal bank meeting. Although the gold price may change in the long term depending on the decision of the Federal Reserve bank, the value of the US dollar continues to be strong today. The bond market is also up by 2.9%. This may further stimulate investment among investors. This may lead to reduced investments in gold. This may put pressure on medium-term gold prices.
However, gold prices are expected to fluctuate slightly in the coming days amid key data including interest rate hikes and inflation at the Federal bank meeting in the coming days. This could lead to reduced investments in safe-haven gold, especially amid rising inflation. However, if the economic data coming in the coming days is positive for the market, this could further boost the value of the dollar. On the other hand, if growth slows down, that too could favor gold.
With inflation starting to ease a bit, will the Fed raise interest rates again? The question has also arisen.Amid the prevailing political tensions at the international level, the growth rate is also expected to suffer. It is also expected to have an impact on gold prices. Inflation is also encouraging this. Therefore, it is expected that the demand for gold will increase in terms of investment. gold prices are currently trading largely unchanged at $1777.90 an ounce in international markets.
It is seen that it may decrease a little and then increase. The price of silver decreased slightly and was seen at 19.598 dollars. gold prices in the indian market are currently trading at Rs 51,700, up by Rs 157 per 10 grams. The same silver price also decreased by 215 rupees and is trading at 56,700 rupees. While the prices in the international market are fluctuating, gold prices are slightly increasing and silver prices are decreasing in the indian market. While the price of gold in the international market is in a bit of a tailspin, the price of jewelry gold is also decreasing today. In chennai today, the price of jewelry gold has decreased by 11 rupees to 4838 rupees and the same savaran has decreased by 88 rupees to 38,704 rupees. In chennai, the price of pure gold has also decreased today. It is being sold at Rs 5,277 per gram down by Rs 13, while the same savaran is being sold at Rs 42,216 and Rs 104 down at Rs 52,770 per 10 grams.
What are the prices in major cities?
 22-carat gold price (10 grams) in chennai today - Rs.48,380
 Mumbai - Rs.47,900
Delhi - Rs.48,050
Bangalore - Rs.47,950
Coimbatore, madurai - Rs.48,380.

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