Which fruits can be harmed by keeping in the fridge???

S Venkateshwari
Which fruits can be harmed by keeping in the fridge???

As we all know fruits are very beneficial for health and wellness. This is the reason that their demand increases during the summer season. The use of fridge also increases in summer. That's why people stuff fruits in the fridge to keep it fresh. But it is not always effective. Keeping some fruits in the fridge reduces their nutrients. Let us know which fruits can be harmed by keeping them in the fridge.

1. Do not keep apples in the fridge

Many times people store apples in the refrigerator to avoid spoilage. This can prove to be harmful. Keeping apples in the fridge affects its taste and nutrition.

2. Mangoes do not like fridge air

The demand for mango increases during the summer season, but people keep them in the fridge to eat cold mangoes. Doing so reduces the amount of antioxidants in them. Along with this, its nutritional value also ends.

3. Watermelon

Watermelon are eaten a lot in summer. When it is cut and kept in the fridge, then all its nutritious elements are lost. In addition, the amount of antioxidants in them is also reduced. 

4. Lychee turns pale in the fridge

Keeping Lychee in the fridge for a long time can be harmful. Lychee lying in the fridge starts melting from inside.

5. banana gets spoiled in the fridge

Bananas should never be kept in the fridge. banana kept in the fridge spoils fast. 

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