Sharmila Faces Heavy Trolling for Targeting Jagan

Throughout the andhra pradesh election campaign over the previous two months, Pradesh congress Committee president Y. S. sharmila launched strong assaults on her brother, congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">ysr congress Party president and chief minister Y. S. jagan Mohan Reddy.
Sharmila, who ran for lok sabha from the kadapa parliamentary constituency, accused her brother of hiding the culprits in the vivekananda reddy murder case.
She even made personal statements against jagan, accusing him of causing a rift in the family. Her tirade against her brother lasted until May 11, when the election campaign concluded. After the polls on May 13, jagan and his family traveled for a trip to the United Kingdom, while sharmila traveled to the united states to spend time with her mother, Vijayamma, and son, raja Reddy.
Just as everyone was feeling relieved from the sibling rivalry, sharmila returned to her social networking site, X, on Friday, making scathing comments against Jagan.
Sharmila attached a newspaper article about an alleged rape of a juvenile girl by her senior in a government school in eluru district, which was recorded by four other males, and blamed the crime on Jagan's government's failure.

“Mr. chief minister, you always talk about 'my sisters, my mothers, my grandmothers,' shout in front of microphones at high pitch about the safety of women, shed crocodile tears, and display fake love! See, the whole country is now talking about the suffering of women and the lack of safety for them under your rule in our state. Walking through the streets of London, you will not hear the screams and cries. The state doesn’t get top ranks in what it should have got. people are observing you, your women ministers, and leaders to know whether you bow your heads in shame and remain silent shamelessly,” she posted.

Sharmila received a lot of abuse from netizens shortly after tweeting the post.
"Oh, Sacred Woman. Thank you, Amma. The election commission now controls the police. If you are extremely upset at jagan, go to his house and cry openly. "It's Jagan's misfortune that he has a sister like you," one fan commented.
"Why have you picked up a new melody after singing your uncle's (Viveka's) song? Have you realized that you won't even receive a deposit for the elections?" asked another.
"We've had enough of you, sister. Another netizen said, "Now you have to data-face our bashing."
"Sharmila, your sobbing is not common. "That is why jagan has kept you at bay," said another.

"Next, there are elections in tamil Nadu. You should go there and have a party. Some people are born to tarnish the image of the state. "You are a classic example," said another netizen.
Another follower of her tweet begged sharmila to stop talking.
"You'd better keep your mouth shut." Do not go too far. We are surprised that you were born to our YSR. "Chi, chi."
A female follower questioned sharmila what she was doing when similar rapes were occurring in the state.

"You also claim to be a fearless lady with a high-ranking position in a party. Instead than blaming others, why don't you try something?" She asked.
Another YSRCP supporter wrote, "What happened to your compassion for girls when #Geetanjali committed suicide due to TDP's violent trolling? You have no right to inquire now because you have not responded to the #Geetanjali problem. Go ask for additional packages from @ncbn."



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