Janhvi Favours Pushpa 2 Over Devara!

Pushpa 2 and Devara are two of the most exciting and awaited pan-India films for 2024. Although they are not launching at the same time, their promotional materials will be available around the same time. The audience recently responded enthusiastically to pushpa 2's main tune. Following this, Devara's Fear Song received great feedback, and its popularity grew rapidly each day.
 Pushpa 2's second song will be released on May 29, according to an announcement made today. allu arjun posted the announcement video, which included rashmika mandanna, on his instagram account. The post rapidly received hundreds of likes, including one from actress Janhvi Kapoor.  

Interestingly, Janhvi Kapoor, despite being the film's major heroine, did not appreciate NTR's post on the Devara song promotion a few days ago. She did, however, enjoy Allu Arjun's pushpa 2 song reveal, in which she had no role. This has sparked a social media feud between followers of allu arjun and NTR. However, this might simply be a mistake made by Janhvi Kapoor's social media staff, rather than a purposeful effort by Janhvi herself. Instead of disregarding this tiny issue, supporters have blown it out of proportion, making a mole into a mountain.


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