Prabhas Looking Like Mohanlal - Kalki 2898 AD Fails to Impress

Kalki 2898 AD is the telugu industry's next big release, and there are just a few weeks till its premiere. The main question is whether kalki is now living up to the expectations. The clear answer is no. From the outset, the creators envisioned kalki as a pan-Indian, if not pan-global, initiative of unprecedented data-size. So, where exactly are things going wrong? To be honest, forget pan-India; Pan-world kalki needs to grow significantly in telugu over the next several weeks. 

Promotional initiatives such as Skratch episodes or Bujji for a highly anticipated automobile resulted in a production that did not match the project's magnitude or promise. The advertising material they are providing is causing more dissatisfaction than enthusiasm for the film. However, the main issue is that the filmmakers are still unable to establish the appropriate tone for the film. people don't know what to anticipate from a film like "Kalki 2898 AD." There is little effort to prepare spectators for the kalki universe, which is critical.
Moreover, prabhas is being criticized for his looks and most of them troll by commenting that he looks like mohanlal (Not in a Good way!). Rajamouli achieves this with great success. He establishes the appropriate expectations for his film, while yet providing enough shocks, but there is no space for uncertainty.

The kalki crew is attempting to dazzle the audience with bits and pieces of VFX material. Remember, telugu viewers are extremely skeptical of visual effects; a car like Bujji will never raise the hype meter because consumers are constantly witnessing mind-blowing technology on their cell phones. In reality, these mediocre ideas have the opposite impact, as people quickly attempt to compare them to the excellent work they have seen in Hollywood. Most of them feel, this is a low budget Star Wars or Transformers.

However, anything regarding Kalki's planet and Hindu mythology would immediately increase the enthusiasm required to spark a debate. Remember how the initial look poster was blasted with so much hate in July 2023, but within 24 hours, a video peek titled 'What is Project K' wiped it all? It all transpired because of a fleeting glance inside Kalki's world-building. Kalki's cast is amazing, but it also makes the telugu audience feel isolated. However, as the character briefs begin to appear, they immediately connect with the telugu audience and generate buzz in the North, similar to how Amitabh's previous quick glimpse was welcomed.

Nag Ashwin should pursue that notion rather than instilling viewers with strange feelings through ideas on which they rely. If the crew has the appropriate advertising concepts, kalki should have the most buzz among Prabhas' flicks, similar to "Baahubali".

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