International Noise Awareness Day-Everything you should know...

S Venkateshwari

International Noise Awareness Day-Everything you should know...

One's health may be harmed by noise. The ear drums and general health may be impacted by sound levels exceeding a specific threshold. In order to avoid having an adverse effect on other people, it is crucial that we play sound and music with a particular amount of decorum. Health problems include high blood pressure, speech impediment, hearing loss, disturbed sleep, and decreased productivity can be brought on by noise pollution. Not only can animals die from extended noise exposure, but humans can also die from it. international Noise Awareness Day is observed annually to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of noise on human health. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we prepare to commemorate this year's momentous day.

Date: april 25 is international Noise Awareness Day each year. international Noise Awareness Day is on thursday this year.

History: To raise awareness of the negative consequences of noise pollution, the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) established international Noise Awareness Day in 1996. On this day, individuals are also urged to join forces in order to discover strategies for lessening noise pollution and improving the health of the earth.

Significance: Hearing loss is among the most frequent consequences of noise pollution. Long-term exposure to noise, whether from concerts, fitness classes, or entertainment media, can be lethal to humans. It is critical that we increase our knowledge of the consequences of noise and the strategies we may use to lessen it. Most people wait until it's too late to realize how noise affects their body. Learning about the negative impacts of noise on human health and coming up with creative solutions to lessen these effects is the ideal way to commemorate international Noise Awareness Day.

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