Telangana Hyderabad - Women Pushes BJP Candiate During Campaigning

Madhavi Latha, the BJP's candidate for the hyderabad lok sabha elections, was embroiled in yet another scandal only one day after the alleged video of her "shooting an arrow at a mosque" went viral on social media. Another video of Latha, the BJP's mp candidate, went viral on X during her poll campaigning in Hyderabad. In it, a supporter is seen shoving her away.
Latha, who is thought to be a formidable opponent for AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi, has been conducting lavish door-to-door campaigning in preparation for the lok sabha elections. Latha went to a woman at her door and tried to talk to her, but she only nodded and received a booklet about her campaign. But she turned away fast. The woman slowly pulled Latha away and gestured for her and her cadre to go as the hyderabad bjp mp candidate tried to stop her and held her hand gently.
At first, Latha didn't appear sad, but when she saw that the incident was being captured on video, she yelled at the man, "Photo nakko le re! snap no pictures. (Don't snap a photo). She felt offended that the event was being videotaped and insisted that the camera be turned off.

A video of madhavi Latha, the BJP's candidate for lok sabha in hyderabad, taking part in Wednesday's ram Navami parade went popular on social media the day before.
After that, online users began speculating that she was feigning to fire an arrow during a ram Navami procession at the mosque in Siddiamber Bazaar. It attracted a lot of criticism and calls for action.
Watching from the sidelines, madhavi latha is seen in the video standing in a vehicle near Siddiamber crossroads and feigning to aim an arrow. Using their smartphones, the audience records the bjp leader in action and applauds her.

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