Dubai flooding: Air India stops flights due to severe rain...

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Dubai flooding: air india stops flights due to severe rain...

In the midst of nonstop rain, air india has announced that it is canceling its flights to and from Dubai. The airline stated on friday that it is making every effort to seat impacted passengers on flights as soon as business as usual resumes. It further stated that customers who purchased tickets for flights with validity through april 21 will receive full reimbursements for cancellations and a one-time waiver on rescheduling.

We regret to notify you that the flights to and from dubai have been canceled owing to ongoing operational issues at dubai Airport. As soon as operations resume, we will try our best to rebook affected clients on flights and get them on their way. customers who have tickets valid for travel through april 21, 2024, and who are booked on our flights, will receive full reimbursements for cancellations and a one-time waiver on rescheduling," air india announced on social networking platform X. "For more information, please call our 24/7 Contact Centre at 011-69329333 / 011-69329999 or visit our website" it stated.

Thisoccursin the midst of intense rains that battered the United Arab Emirates, creating conditions akin to flooding. The indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi has advised Indian travelers arriving at or passing through the airport to reschedule any non-essential travel till airline operations return to normal in view of the current circumstances.In order to help travelers, the Indian consulate in Dubai has also put emergency helplines into action. Due to unusual weather, Dubai International Airport has temporarily restricted the number of inbound planes. In order to facilitate connections between stranded indian passengers and their families, the Consulate General of india in dubai emphadata-sized on thursday that they are in continuous communication with uae authorities and airlines. They added that relief efforts had been carried out in collaboration with indian community associations.

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