If Sharmila continues like this, it will be difficult to get votes?

Sowmiya Sriram
If sharmila continues like this, it will be difficult to get votes?
It is known that it is difficult for sharmila to get votes in AP. Because congress leaders say that she is singing the same song in her speeches. Many people like sharmila but disagree with her on some issues. She was repeatedly told that if she only targets the murder of her father Vivekananda Reddy... the party will not grow. Just repeating the status. sharmila says Chandrababu and jagan are stooges of the BJP. She says that if you vote for these two parties, it will be like voting for BJP. As she kept saying it again and again, none of those who came to the meetings were staying for long. In just five to ten minutes, her gatherings are being thinned out. Because of this, the leaders are not able to impress the people.
For the last two months, sharmila has been criticizing cm jagan wherever she has given a speech. They were angry at her. These were highlighted in a certain section of the media.. when the election time came.. she started targeting two other parties as well. Due to this, the amount of media focus has also decreased. Moreover, Seniors in congress have suggested that there is no benefit in targeting cm jagan mohan reddy personally. It will increase sympathy for him. Therefore, the expected response from the public is not getting. There is a difference in the election campaign before, after, and before the nomination phase. Until then, these 25 days are very important. She definitely needs to influence the vote bank at this time, but sharmila does not seem to be prepared for this. As a result, the number of people coming to Sharmila's meetings has decreased. If she does not change her ways, it will be difficult for her to get votes.

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