AP - YSRCP Trembling Out of Fear

YCP and tdp party leaders in andhra pradesh are also going ahead with their strategies. In the 2019 elections, ycp won 151 constituencies out of 175 constituencies and created a record.. It is impossible to say whether such a record is possible for any political party.. But the ruling party in andhra pradesh is going ahead with the slogan ycp Why Not 175.. On that side, it is also taking appropriate action. cm Jagan has been continuing this matter since a year ago...

Many sitting MLAs were also given serious warnings and ycp programs were also undertaken. ycp public representatives are also going door to door. Already some ycp leaders are saying why not 175, but internally they are saying that winning 100 seats is enough. ycp leaders also feel that even if they win exactly 90 seats, the power will come back to the ycp party and thus the tdp party will be buried forever.

The current political situation does not seem favorable to ycp at all.. Whenever sitting MLAs, MPs and MLCs started moving from ycp to other parties, the atmosphere of ycp party has decreased a bit since then. Arguments are being heard that the alliance of tdp, janasena and bjp is causing a lot of damage to the ycp party. But no matter who wins, there will definitely be party defections. We have already seen the politics of Telangana..

Even though the congress party has no chance of winning till the election, even though kcr wants to win in the end.. When the lok sabha elections came around, the pink party also data-faced a situation where it could not find candidates. And doubts are being expressed that which party will data-face such a situation in Andhra.. But this time, ycp ranks are thinking that it will be enough if the ycp party wins 100 seats.

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